Our team at Isadora Jewellery is confident that all our products are free of any manufacturing defects for all their life. If any of the items you order from us has a defect, you can return it to us for inspection. 

If you determine that the damage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product for free, and if we deem the product inappropriate, we will replace the product at no extra cost.

If the product is unavailable in stock, our team will replace it with a like-for-like piece or give you an equal refund on the selling price of the original piece.

However, if we determine that a manufacturing defect does not cause damage to the item, we will notify you of our repair services.

Please Note:  There are slight variations and irregularities in craftsmanship, internal inclusions, and natural characteristics of the gemstones and the individual pieces. All these fine differences and characteristics are considered part of the item and should not be considered defects.

Our jewelry is also not impervious to normal wear and tear from different trauma or activities. This is often the case with rings since hands are often subjected to trauma from different activities.

Terms for Our Warranty

Please note our terms for providing a warranty:

  • We do not provide warranties for damage due to product loss, normal wear and tear, stone loss, and theft. 
  • We also do not provide warranties for damage due to failure to get the necessary product maintenance.
  • Warranty is only available to the person who purchased the product from Isadora Jewellery and not to the person gifted the pieces.
  • Repair, maintenance, and sizing of other services performed by another person not part of the Isadora Jewellery team are not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

Common Jewellery Issues Not Covered by Our Warranty

Here are some common jewelry issues that are not covered by our warranty:

  • Discoloration due to chemical exposure while doing your makeup, bath, or swimming pool.
  • General build-up due to prolonged wear
  • A worn-out piece allows the stone to fall out or get lost due to wear or other damage.
  • We do not consider Knicks, dents, and scratches as manufacturer defects.
  • Rings are damaged due to hands-on activities such as rock climbing, weight lifting, gardening, or any other strenuous activity resulting in losing precious stones.

Single Solitaire Stones Warranty and Certificates

We offer a range of certificates based on the specs of your piece. The certificates include the following:

  • GIA, IGI, and HRD certificates for Solitaire Stones based on the stone on your piece.
  • Isadora Jewellery Certificates on all pieces from our brand upon request for information or insurance purposes.
  • A guaranteed warranty for one month from the date of delivery. The warranty covers manufacturing defects after careful examination by an expert from our team.

Loss or theft of pieces from Isadora Jewellery is not covered under warranty.